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Founded in 1996 in Izmir, Ertugrul Leather, offering a world-famous brand and the appreciation of the service of Turkish consumers, spread to many cities in Turkey are respected in the fashion industry with clients and has managed to obtain a reliable place.
Our brand WSS Wessi Menswear established in 2008 and it combines all menswear details such as suits, tuxedos, blazers, coats, knitwears, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories. Wessi takes steps with principle of accuracy, inspects the entire process from production to presentation, provides natural and quality items. Wessi has ranked among the fast-growing companies whose strategy is built upon excellence, quality and reasonable prices. WSS Wessi whose ideal is becoming a family since its foundation aimed at providing a service manner of a domestic affection and respect. It is a company formed on demand and sincerity, and aware of the importance of your satisfaction. As a brand for men who are open to new experiences and aware of their own value, not their casual formations influenced by fashion trend but their style and line, brave and peculiar designs,we are working for men who do not compromise on their collections that they like to wear in their lives., and we add practical touches to your lives. Combining traditional attitude with modern workmanship, WSS Wessi offers you its unique attitude with its production and accessible price which embraces the development and production. We invite you to the Wss Wessi family where you will find the style the right and the impeccable that you are inspired by ownself. The practices that translate the circumstances into favor, and as your home that you will feel comfortable and confident in every situation.
Sustaining its activities in slipper and shoe sector for about 40 years, Gezer Footwear entered to the sector by producing wooden slippers and heels in a small plant located in Istanbul Gaziosmanpasa in 1968. Increasing production capacity and larger plant, as well as more machine requirements in following years have been the driving force is establishment of current modern facility of Gezer Footwear. Gezer Footwear achieved to be the leader of the sector with its annual production capacity of 75 million pairs on a closed area of 100.000 m2. Representing the first company having ISO 9001 quality assurance system certificate in the sector, Gezer sustains to apply quality concept in every stage of production. Adopting the fact of providing high quality products to its consumers against reasonable prices as a principle, Gezer Footwear attaches importance to institutionalization and R&D studies and makes continuous investments in these areas. R&D department with its closed area of 1000 m2 and 75 specialized employees sustains its activities both in country and abroad to create designs complying with foot health and with which users can feel themselves comfortable and unique.
Occupational safety equipment outfit and equipments
UZSOY GROUP company which is one of the leading manufacturers in the shoe industry has been serving in the field since 2008.We are ready to meet all demands in this field.We are constantly developing new models.Quality and best prices, able to make special productions appeal.Every season, the collection continues to exhibit the fast fashion trend with its innovative approach by adding multicolored and different designs to its collections in accordance with the latest trends and trends in the world. Feel the matter with UZSOY GROUP.
Dog Bebe Shoes, which includes both a quality and a healthy product range in baby shoes, offers an excellent quality with a variety of shoes and slippers with soles that will not harm your babies' feet. You can find all kinds of positive features that you can not find in wholesale baby shoes, as the company has models that allow babies who are trying to discover movement and running, especially in the walking stages, to stay more balanced. Especially Dog Bebe Shoes, which has a product diversification that appeals to all age segments, also makes sales on the internet in order to make your choice much more comfortable. With wholesale children's shoes models, you can make a quality choice that takes care of your children's foot health.
Medi rubber, as we aim to provide the highest quality service to our valued customers during the manufacture of our products. Our production line quality rubber pulp, has the capacity to meet your needs in the reclaimed rubber production. Our production is made from recycled rubber. We are proud to contribute to the environment by producing with technology friendly to the environment.
Metin Shoes is a company which has been established in 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey and has many brands such as Sherlock Soon and Donna Style. It is specialized in women’s shoes and its range does cover a wide variety of products, from boots and sneakers to sandals and slippers, all available in high quality Turkish leather and with the most reasonable prices.